Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm bad about updating in, I've updated once a bagillion years ago.

School's ridic busy, but I like my classes, I have good friends, and the Pens and Stillers are kicking ass.

I want a Goligoski jersey, yo.

And I'm going to bed at 1 AM on a "Saturday morning."
I'm not geriatric, I promise.
I just got a whopping total of 16 hours of sleep this past school average of four hours a night (if I was lucky).
Em effer.

Buuuuuuuut, I am going to Pitt's Homecoming game tomorrow, with mi padre.
AAAAAAAND I'm going to the Pitt Basketball intrascrimmages (men and women) on Sunday,
once again with Pa.

Life is sweet.
I need to work oooooooooooout. WOO.